Black Student Union

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  • Category: Diversified Focus
  • Description: We serve as a common bond for all minority students through identification with the organization. We encourage the study of Black Cultures and life in areas such as the Arts, Entertainment, Social Interaction, Athletics, Education and History. To provide a center for the acquisition, studying and dissemination of information related to Black Cultures. We help to facilitate the adjustment of all students to the social and educational aspects of campus life at Kutztown University. We promote better race relationships and mutual understanding by serving as a forum for open and honest dialogue.
  • Website: No Website
  • Keywords:
    • Academic
    • Business
    • Intramural
    • minority students
    • Black Cultures
    • Arts
    • Entertainment
    • Social Interaction
    • Athletics
    • Education and History
    • race relationships
    • mutual understanding

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